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Tian tian (Joy) Zhao

Bonjour Paris – travel postcard design, enjoy your journey with me.

I am investigating how illustration can be used to communicate personal experience. I have focused on people who have had little or no experience of hand written communication as a means of talking with another person. I have acquired knowledge of a range of style and techniques used in contemporary illustration. I has look at use different brush to create softness in my design. I have identified a range of traditional and contemporary motifs that communicate a personal experience.

I surveyed pictures of illustrative style analyzing them by considering colour, patterns and text. I also carried about a visual survey of postcards.   An illustrator who caught my attention was Geninne’s, when I was reading her blog, I saw Geninne drew a series of birds with Mexico’s flowers by using watercolours to make post­cards, as you can see, she has used many Mexico elements for her design, such as cactus, birds and flowers, she take great detail on birds and draw them in different fabric as well, each of them are unique design, tourist will buy them as souvenir, because they were convenient to carry around and easy to share travel memory with friends, so I decided to focused on series of travel postcard design.

research of bird postcard design

Based on my target audience, I wanted to know the way they think about postcards. I interviewed people aged 20 to 30 years old that only use digital communication, I wanted to investigate what handwriting means to them, I looked at the history of postcards to help me create interview questions and to inform of my interview. The reason people use email to contact with friends is it is fast and convenient, but it is cold type without any emotions, the interesting part is 50% of my interviewers already collection postcards and display them on a shelf or past on fridge, because it gives them a feeling of closeness. The effect of postcard is it can bring people close to each other, I consider postcard as a key to communicate to each other in personal way, it give us a look of tranditional.

The framework of my project is a series of travel postcard that are based on Paris. Paris is a old city and is clichéd as being full of romance, it always attracts people who want to travel there and match with my theme, also Paris is named “the city of flowers“, I use flowers to create more interest to attract my audience to buy it as a souvenir and send to their friends instead of sending email, to give my audience an opportunity to communicate with friends by handwriting postcards and sharing their travel memory or emotion through the postcards. The post­card allows my audience to understand the value of handwriting; it is the key to sending their feelings to family and friends, postcards also can reflect your personality.

research of flowers

little elements about Paris

Travel postcards usually have imagery based on the place and influenced by nature, animals, flowers, landscape and famous sites. I design the postcards with flowers, birds and things that represent Paris. I made a list of what is unique or distinctly Parisian from Paris, such as perfume, bread, but the feedback I got said they are not so obvious because I haven’t used famous tourist site to represent Paris. The reason I didn’t choose to use them was because they has been used so many times, but if I don’t use them, which means I present Paris without its unique buildings, it will be hard for people to recognize the image as Paris. I decided to try to look at the buildings in different ways, different views, choose different angles to use in my designs, think instead how the usual ideas of Paris can be reformed or examined in detail.

research of colour palette

font research

research of travel map

research of wall paper

detail of La Tour Eiffel

work on illustrator

work in progress

final postcard design

final postcard design

work in progress

During the development of postcard, I also needed to consider how the layout can work beyond placing items in the centre, to consider how the relationship between the images; for example, use the different angles of the buildings to create a framework with birds inside it, not just a flat image, to consider the layout of birds mixed with Paris items, to consider how to make the images look interesting and unique, first I try to draw birds standing on a branch and it looks visually hard, also it’s really difficult to use it over and over again, I am looking for a element that can repeat in all the postcard designs, then I turn to find some­thing soft, such as ribbon. By using ribbon around the bird I have created more movement and it has brought the different elements together, to create a scene and looks romantic side by side.

I am using shape, colours and space to create a composition, the architectural frame leads the eyes to the central birds, I choose birds as Paris and compose with other Parisian elements to create the image that appears essentially Paris. I am looking in detail at important architectural structures and creating a visual border by using flowers, birds, Paris’s famous tourist site and other elements, it gives a background and foreground relationship. When I choose Paris’s famous tourist sites, I’ve focused on the parts of the buildings that look like flower or relate to romantic, it also makes the pictures more theatrical. Also, I has choose fabric, wallpaper and other texture mix thought with other element in my work, for example, I use lace fabric as a background matches up beautifully with flowers. It also creates an emotional of romantic. I‘ve chosen light and dark colors to make the building stand out more, not just flat on the paper, as well as this effect I have used different colors to create more layers, such as gradient color on flowers to lead people’s eye to central birds, also gives a balance between classic and new.  For example, the green I chose means the first sign of spring, it has softness and quietness about it, then, it is easy to communicate romance and elegance, with different levels of green, it can com­municate a sense of happiness and cheerful. Differing in their intensity, people will be attracted to different level of green for different reasons depending on the mood their hoping to portray to their friends or family.

detail of arc de triomphe

work in progress

final postcard design

final postcard design

work in progress

For each postcards, the outline will change as well as it match with whole colours, as you can see, add grey in yellow to design a new look, they are match to each other in a gorgeous look, and colours with grey added to my colour palettes to make them looks similar in hue and beautiful. I am try to avoid rich colour to create strong visual appeal, special in backgrounds, because background is big part of my drawing and I would like lead people’s eye to centre bird, then, it is better to have more detail and colours on bird.

detail of Sacre Coeur

work in progress

final postcard design

final postcard design

work in progress

postcard back design

package design

With my project, I think it is important to me and let my audience to understand the digital things is not the only way to communicate with friends, as one of them, I want them to find out the value of hand waiting, allow my audience to share their travel story or experience to friends.

Reading List

Dampierre, Florence de. Walls: Mural, Wood Panel, Stencil, Wallpaper, 2011.

Click the link below to view an online PDF of the publication

Joy Zhao_Travel Postcard


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