Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

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Elina Shikhimova



Iím going to investigate how I can utilise publication design to explore Do It Yourself  D.I.Y as a phenomenon in order to enable low-income students to engage in creative endeavours.

Throughout my degree I have had a strong recurring interest in the lack of social engagement in our current social state. Through my work I want to create awareness addressing these issues as we become distant individuals in the world of instant internet connectivity. I have tried communicating these aspects through exploring  the use of  mixed media, illustration, and other hand generated mediums as I strongly believe that using these tangible mediums can help re-engage people with their communities.

The objectives in my work are based on aesthetics of the craft in relation to social and personal engagement. This includes the use of some hand-drawn typography to emphasise that the projects are handmade. This enables me to move away from technology and move into a more tangible medium which can be emotionally provocative. In our current social state, we often lose our sense of connection to one another, and the origins of our possessions.


The simplicity of a personal touch can go a long way to re-engage people with a sense of community. Hand-drawn typography was used throughout many of my works to engage with contemporary crafts. It is important to me that the viewers to experience the tactile nature of crafts evoking the senses and drawing out sentimental values. To create some of my hand-drawn typography I experimented with paints, ink and the process of hand-stitching. I particularly liked the hand-stitching process as it links with handmade crafts and locates the work within the domestic realm. Jessica Hische has made important influence to me for her work reflects modern design while subtly referencing a past era or textile, incorporates illustration, and has a sensitivity to colour; I particularly like how in some of her typefaces can still be identified as handmade.

‘RE-MAKE’ 2012
Hand stitching on paper (Front)

‘RE-MAKE’ 2012
Hand stitching on paper (Back)

“Crafts provide a good way of having something important in life, to experience its highlights, and to strengthen your identity, to leave your fingerprints in the world”. This quote by Marketta Luutonen backs up my view of why this topic is important to me and encourages viewers to recognise these issues in our society. I like to find ways to incorporate tangible media and handmade works into my design. Which allows me step outside the current trends of strict minimalism we get a refreshing look at possibilities for design that are far more organic and even human in their nature.

You Can D.I.Y, 2012
Publication, Turning Poing

Social activism recurs as a theoretical concept through the development of my design, strongly influencing my work in relation how craft can be used to build communities, friendships and wider social engagements. Throughout my project, part of my aim is to promote ownership and to present how to utilise craft as an expressive medium. I considered the recent phenomenon of yarn bombing and how it aims to improve the community in general. Yarn bombing is a form of street art in which items are knitted for objects or places throughout urban surroundings. This is a great example of how something as simple as knitting can enhance community connectivity, produce a sense of achievement, brighten and warm a community, help others connect and interact with those often isolated and to leave your “[..]fingertips in the world”. Understanding this helps me employ a sense of connection with one another, this can be seen in my projects as well as how sharing ideas of D.I.Y can help me enable low-income students to engage in creative endeavours.

This year my ideas have been expressed through the use of a traditional craft-like feel which combines photography, typography, collage, illustration and pattern into something which craft and design can be used to create a fresh, clean, personal and more contemporary feel to this project. By using this style I am hoping to appeal to a wider audience, not only with those who are involved in the craft scene but to those who want to re-engage with the community.

'Make Time To Craft' Poster

‘MAKE TIME TO CRFT’ 2012, Poster
A photographic poster of craft tools which is hand crafted into a pattern

Process and practice are reoccurring ideas in my work. The process of design is important as it directs towards better final product. I believe the ‘getting there’ it is an important part of the process for designers as it helps to acknowledge the conceptual thinking and methodologies undertaken to reach solutions is apart of the problem solving. Throughout my project there has been a lot of time spent on the actual process of making D.I.Y projects and learning how to communicate these with my target audience. Analysis of my own practice has helped me determine the type of designer I aim to be. This is reflected through my work focussing on illustration, typography and photography.

‘ Make More Stuff With Hands ‘ 2012

I’ve chosen a palette of rich but not garish colour which is reminiscent of 1950s. A time I think of as being the epitome of domestic pride during the post war years, where mothers looked after children and home became a brighter place. Hand crafts were valued and had more sentimental value instead of the buy and throw away ethic we’re all in today. I want to encourage recycling and up-cyling as we now live in a society completely based on consumption, it is easier to buy things rather then make or even re-pair. It worries me to see these tendencies likely continue to expand in the future and loose the sense of identity, as well as lack of interactions in person are decreasing in quality, quantity and length. I believe using these colours palettes that reminisces on the domestic realm bring sense of connection with one another and strengthening identity should still be highly valued.

Throughout this semester I have been working on a publication and a website titled ‘Re-Make’. I chose to make a publication because it is a sentimental object, which allows the audience to experience the tactile nature of crafts. I also was interested in creating a website due to the fast access, even tho I have discussed how part of my aim is to move away from technology, it is almost impossible to completely erase it out of our every day use. As my target audience is young adults I will have to use the media that they are involved in which in this case is my website. I  am hopping throughout this project people can re-engage with the community, share and to leave “your figure tips in the world”.

‘RE-MAKE’ 2012
Publication Spreads

'RE-MAKE'  Spreads

‘RE- MAKE’ 2012
Publication Spreads


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