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Matt Tomkins

Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is reclaimed land and used for much of it’s time as Industrial space. Recently, it has been reclaimed once more for public and community growth on Auckland’s Waterfront. I aim to highlight and express the development of Community and Culture in Auckland’s once derelict industrial waterfront and it’s future alongside Commercial development.

As with the birth of anything it’s future is still just an aspiration. A foggy existence which depends on many factors to see it through its years. Silo Park  turned one in August 2012 and has been a focus for public events and a host for local community groups. The community growth is dependent development ambition and has focus on Commercial and Residential facilities as much as Public spaces.

I aim create an awareness and discussion of the space’s developing Community and Cultural future. My aim is to inform and connect public with the space and growing community in the form of a  publication titled Left & Right. It will highlight the Public and Community (Left) and Commercial (Right) development currently underway within Wynyard Quarter.

As there is a focused proposal for it’s development (Waterfront Aucklands development booklet) there is a lacking coherent package focused towards community events and growth. There are companies and groups working within the space but the information is not united and is separate to each other. Left & Right aims to provide a coherent booklet of information presenting digestible relevant information in a graphic and easily distributed publication focussed towards Community and it’s future within Wynyard Quarter.

Originally my concept was to compare and contrast Commercial interest and Public and Community development within Wynyard Quarter. However once I had identified the two contrasting concepts and considered them deeper individually, the idea of combining aspects of them together to create a dysfunctional and conceptually challenging communication seemed like a great output for the project.


Photography was my major media as it not only recorded my ‘journey’ and experiences in Wynyard Quarter – but is a bold graphic and visual communication which led to it’s ideal purpose as feature in a publication.


I networked and interveiwed industry professional Simon van Praag and Celia Harrison. They both specialise in Place-Making and are involved in the renovation of Silo Park and the events that are being held. Interviews were vital to gaining a deeper comprehension of the work involved and the direction of the community development.

This became a major turning point in the direction of my project – emphasizing the importance of how the space is used and experienced by the people visiting Wynyard Quarter. I decided to focus on this aspect with the content and theme of the publication masked within the style of a corporate styled publication. This was parallel to Wynyard Quarter itself, a commercially developed space with strong community ties and development.


With the photography I took while visiting the site I explored how to emphasise the people within the space. I ended up extracting the public in the images below and making the background (the physical presence of Wynyard Quarter) subtle and a secondary focus to the viewer. This is what I wanted to achieve with the publication as a whole as well.


I used clean and corporate styled publications as reference in how to present the publication visually. I found they were highly photographic and the text clean and simple. This helped achieve direct emphasis on the images and my experiences within the space.


Click the link below to view an online PDF of the publication:



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