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Justin Barter

Deconstructing the substance of life.


This year began with an intensive study of symbolism and how it relates to humanity both in terms of cultural development and scientific understanding. Through this process I came away with a better understanding of how symbols affect us in terms of both the underlying message and the significance of certain symbolism within particular social or cultural groups.

First semester symbolism work

Nine Inch Nails “With Teeth”. Designer, Rob Sheridan

Still from ‘Freedom Run’ animation.

As a designer I lean towards motion graphics as a means to both explore the relationship of the visual with sound, but also because most of my more successful past endeavors have either been animated content or still images that still possess an element of fluidity or movement within their structure. A good example of this movement is my second year work with glitched images, a process of corrupting the data that encodes an image on a computer so that it becomes partially destroyed or distorted, leading to a deeper conversation into our reliance on technology and how it has (rightly or wrongly) impacted on the way that we live our lives in a modern sense.

Lines are used to display the relationships between humans and technology. They are also used for image displacement, asking the question are we making humanity or eroding it!

I have chosen OCR-A as the typeface for my animation as it reflects the sterility of the Gattaca world.

The importance of repetition has become an important part of the design practice, as we are taught to iterate over and over with the same piece until there is a sense of resolution within the final artifact. The deepening of my understanding that nature iterates in it’s own way with rivers, tree growth and the human nervous system being visually similar to one another made me look to the way that technology and science can be used to explore the natural world, supplementing the natural for the man-made as a means to both explore the similarities as well as the shortcomings.

Gattaca Movie Poster

Molecule diagrams mimic circuit boards pulling technology and humanity together in a visual way.

I have an underlying humanitarian focus within my work and my current project is another example of an ongoing exploration of this subject area. I have chosen to marry the desire to highlight my design skills by choosing to re-brand and make a new title sequence for the movie Gattaca, which deals with subject matter that fits within my interests. Modern technology has led to genetic tampering and opens the debate about man’s insistence on perfection and the desire to rise above our natural station to taking the position of playing god. Visually, the relationship between symbols of both technology and those that are naturally occurring allow for a metaphorical exploration of where the man-made and nature intersect to become a new idealization of both.


About Justin Barter

I'm in the last year of my Graphic Design degree. I have set up this blog as a way to show the world my interests and project developments. My passion for illustration, animation and layout as well as the philosophical concepts that inform my ideas will be shared here as I hope to find like minded designers!

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