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Yuk In Wong

The intention for this project is to inform people what Chinese face reading is and allow people to use this piece of information in any social situations. The most important underlying theme is to look beyond the artificial appearance of a person and connect the facial features to human characteristics. By using digital collage I was able to graphically blend Chinese face reading with European physiognomy. Combining their historic and contemporary semiotics together gives the project a balanced visual style between the cultural background and the scientific facts.

Publication example

Publication example 2

Publication example 3

Poster – The Eyes

Poster – The Ears

Poster – The Mouth

Poster – The Nose

My design outcomes will include a series of posters that allows me to pinpoint what visual graphics I can use for this project. It introduces and shows what face reading is and the significance of each facial features. Then the publication embodies the visual graphics of the posters and presents the information of Chinese face reading to the user in a handy format. The focus is to be able to take the publication and pages apart for people to use. It’s not about keeping it in a bound format but in a way where the user could open it up and have something that is useable and portable.

Imagery research of Chinese face reading

Imagery research of European physiognomy

2011 studio project A2 poster

2011 studio project A2 poster 1

My First Explorations

First try on digital collage

Artwork made by Dan Mountford

Artwork made by Mark Weaver

My design for this project revolves around digital collage, it provides a platform for me to manipulate different shapes and images together. By using photographs, textures, shapes and lines, it visually creates an image that delivers the idea of the subject being scientific, mathematical and holistic.

The base colour grids

Pixelation Research

Pixelation Exploration

The important elements I am working with is the soft colour palette of the 1950’s, scientific measurements, circular shapes and pixelation blocks. I decided to use a soft colour palette of the 1950’s to achieve the aesthetic of being personal to me and connecting the subject to the audience on the same level. It also refers to the natural elements that partly created Chinese face reading. My decision to allocate one colour to each facial feature is to create a colour coding which allowed me to emphasize certain features.

The grids and the pixelation blocks refers to the magnified skin tone and the contrast between the surface of the skin and under the surface of the skin. It portrays the idea of something being magnified relates back to my intention of focusing on what the actual facial features could mean and not what the applied artifacts could represent.

My exploration 1

My exploration 2

My exploration 3

My exploration 4

There are a lot of social and cultural identification we often see and use in our everyday life. We identify and mentally group ourselves into different categorizes through either physical or materialistic features. The idea of stereotyping exists in our modern society no matter how much we think we don’t stereotype people anymore. However, are we able look beyond the surface of these materials and artifacts? I placed my investigation focus on our faces, as the face is what we look at first, hence the importance of first impression in situations such as interviews. It is also one of the physical features people use to judge what beauty is. It’s not what you apply to the exterior of your skin; it’s about reading the nature within a person through those facial features.


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