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Tamsyn Moses

Through the years of my study their has always been that one recurring topic which I would always go back to… its feminism or the issues within the feminist movement. The transformation of women throughout centuries has always been intriguing especially when it’s compared to the 21st century.From the beginning to the present of the development of my project  I have realized more and more how my third year project connects the research and exploration together from previous years.  My passion about this topic is the progression and change which women adhere to. I tend to focus on the idea of the beauty myth and fashion within the media of the ‘glossy magazine’. As my aim is to inform women about the ideals and perceptions which magazines and consumerism convey about beauty and the everyday female life. Therefore, I am creating (or re- creating) my visual response to what I think women are being portrayed through the magazine or the ‘glossy’. Deconstructing the perfect ideal to the reality of the average women.

Work throughout the years of my study involving the idea of feminism and deconstructed beauty.

I have chosen to work around the idea of beauty magazines and consumerism based on my research results. Surveying women, almost 50% believe the advice, tips etc given are in a fashion magazine are easily achievable by an average women today. After questioning, surveying and interviewing different women I came to the conclusion that there is a definite case of self-identity and esteem which almost every women have an issue with. Meeting the needs of the medias “tip of the week” is creating  ‘beauty havoc’ in the female community or as I like to call it ” the death of beauty”.

As my focus is on women in the 21st Century within the context of third wave feminism I therefore have decided to base my work around feminism today. Throughout analysis of research  about third wave feminism I have created my own interpretation of it. It was a combination of recurred feminist issues, making women more independent and lastly reviving or keeping the feminist movement going with sufficient issues, as so many have already been dealt with.

With that in mind I have based my explorations around the potential dying future of feminism to my interpretation of research about beauty today, what more does it have to offer not only to women but to society, what are women standing for as women have come  along so far since the era of the corset. ” the death of beauty’. What more does the word beauty have to offer to women other than unrealistic ideals. What is beauty?  To me it lies in the invisibility of societies havoc. It’s suffocating misleading and clownish upon women. I will be inserting this interpretation of fashion and beauty within my publication I have produced images and layout style with the idea that women are losing their identities behind the pages of the glossy magazine.

From my interpretation and research of third wave feminism the relationship to my aim therefore had to be my next significant focus in order for my publication to communicate effectively. The combination of the ideas that both fashion and beauty were dying and how it effected women within magazines. My ongoing research about this idea is that beauty, magazines and even the idea of women today is restricting suffocating and misleading. Playing with those words as metaphors I came across, Black and Oyster magazine. What I looked for in these magazines is the in which I would generate my explorations. Layout style, content idea and imagery. I have analyzed thoroughly from layout, imagery, content, typography and mainly the grid and the way in which the magazines flowed from page to page. There metaphor which they have flowing throughout their publication is the idea of ‘Anti’. Anti-beauty, anti fashion and anti-glossy. This magazine helps me a lot in terms of generating my own photography layout style and creating a space which is communicating that anti-gloss atmosphere.

Magazines which have influenced my research and explorations for my final publication.

My ititarations throughout this year on my concept of deconstructed beauty or suffocating beauty with the use of my researched magzines. From layout to imagery ad typography.

These are a selection of my first ititarations. just identifying the type of content and layout style.

Understanding the idea of using a grid consciously throughout my layout design… At this point this was my turning point as I got feedback from my lecturers informing me in great depth as to what makes the magazine succesful. As it was not only the imagery it was the aesthetics around it such as typography, color, titles headings and most of the layout which I chose to employ. In the past I would not think this way but I am definitely on that track where I am able to see clearly why it makes the reader turn the pages.

Understanding the grid properly by research designers such as Muller Brockmann.

Employing this grid within my new exploration. Concentrating on visual style and aesthetics which help the eye flow from page to page.

Understanding the grid and starting to employ it sufficiently within my own work.

Throughout my study I have created work that looks good and relied on the rest to communicate which wasn’t always reliable. As my work all employ the idea of fashion, beauty or feminism in some surreal way.

This semester my turning point was when I came to the realization after talking to my lecturers about the importance of the grid and it was explained to me throughly how how the smaller things create the harmony flow and rhythm. It maybe page numbers, titles,  headings and even colour. But most of importantly how it was laid out. I therefore looked at designers such a Muller Brockmann and looked at his theory of how he employs the grid within his graphic design. I have created this grid system just based on my research of beauty and fashion magazines and allowing my work to speak for itself with plenty of white and negative spaces.

WIth some of the layouts from the first section within my magazine ” the other face” where I have applied the grid system from images to typography and article columns. I have used small aesthetics which wold help communicate and flow  throughout the magazine, such as the ripped page, see-through photos and typography, playing around the idea of the women hiding behind the glossy magazine of false identity and unrealistic ideals.

The visual aesthetics of my publication will be based around beauty and fashion photography with elements of typography throughout. The content will be controversial, dark, surreal-esque  as I am trying convey a message which portrays shock and reality to women of 21st century and the future of women’s vanity. My third year project is an achievement as I am able to unite my research and ideas throughout my Unitec study all together as my final project. On the contrary it has also been challenging as I am forced to put my self  as a target audience in order for me to have sufficient research and outcomes. The message I am trying to convey affects aIl women including myself. The idea of making a publication based around women and beauty is also a challenge as I am needed to understand the basic construction of a publication in order for it to  communicate effectively. As been told the rhythm, harmony and flow is most important.  As my content is not your typical beauty magazine, this gives me an advantage in terms of recognizing the message I am trying to portray. The context is “anti-glossy” or “anti-beauty” and I feel that it is a great way to strike conversation where women can view the future of beauty differently. The overall style and content of my magazine is a great way for me to conclude my research throughout my study at Unitec as they all have similarities.

Collaborations image making. Producing and directing my own photographs. As well as being the photographer myself.

Collaborating photoshoot with 2nd year photography Lyle Adams.

This section are all based around the face hence why the section of the magazine is called the other face and the rest of the magazine will be based around the women being trapped in the magazine literally and how it effects the body. When producing my imagery I want the imagery to remain simple and to speak for itself. I am generating imagery by myself swell as collaborating with a 2nd year photography student, I am also footnoting imagery which helps flow with my own imagery.

Contact Sheet for the first shoot which I have directors for the first section “the other face” of my magazine.

WIth some of the layouts from the first section within my magazine ” the other face” where I have applied the grid system from images to typography and article columns. I have used small aesthetics which wold help communicate and flow  throughout the magazine, such as the ripped page, see-through photos and typography, playing around the idea of the women hiding behind the glossy magazine of false identity and unrealistic ideals.

Iterations so far, creating flow and harmony through aesthetics such as the ripped page, typography and headings etc.

Overall  I hope that my final publications can inform women on the future of beauty in my perspective and my research response to this topic of beauty.


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