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Sharne Southgate

The intention of my third year project is to produce a cookbook that promotes the kitchen and all it’s possibilities in a fun and exciting manner, in order to appeal to students living away from home. My initial research involved investigating how healthy eating and physical exercise could be encouraged to students still at school, but the results lead me to believe that students’ diets became less ideal for a healthy lifestyle once moved out of home. With this information, I adjusted and clarified my original idea to suit my target audience, therefore focusing on affordability, simplicity and creativity.

Initial explorations – hands on approach
New intention established

First mock-up – hard cover book bind

Food type experiments – pasta sheet, banana bread and bread crumbs

The “Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits” and Frankie Magazine’s “Sweet Treats” have hugely influenced the style of this cookbook, making me consider how the food is photographed and causing me to focus on the finer details, which needed more attention in order for me to move forward in developing this book. Working this way has enabled me to be more “hands on” with the food and layouts, which I feel is an important factor in my work, that hadn’t been evident in the initial stages of my project.

Exemplary Cookbooks (Turning Point) “Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits” and Frankie Magazine’s “Sweet Treats”

I made the decision to collect all my content from, so all the recipes are written and tested by students. This retains a casual tone of voice, meaning the cookbook is less formal and easier for students to relate to. Obviously food will be the dominant imagery throughout the spreads of my cookbook. I have chosen to use real food in a playful and messy manner, to represent how students don’t have to obtain any special talent to achieve the recipes, just a dollop of creativity.

The style of photography will capture the shadows, textures and colours of the food, establishing the food in 3D forms on a 2D page to initiate an interaction between the students, the food and the publication. Hand-drawn typography and the use of baking paper will also encourage this relationship by enabling students to write notes, add recipes and suggestions to their cookbook in order to personalise it and make it their own.

Experimenting with patterned backgrounds and camera angles

Layout experiments and documentation of feedback

Black and White 80gsm test print with hard cover, and 150gsm glossy full colour mock up

Multiple prints on different paper stocks; glossy 170gsm, matte 150gsm and matte 170gsm. For final publication decided on matte 170gsm.


One comment on “Sharne Southgate

  1. Carla
    November 15, 2012

    Wow Sharne, that looks incredible! You have worked so hard, can’t wait to see the finished product!! x

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