Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

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Ruth Reyes

Hands are a representation of humans unable to separate themselves from each other no matter how much they hate on each other; symbolizing that we are all part of one body called the human race.

As for my third year, the idea for this final project went from wanting to create steps to prevent bullying, to raising awareness against bullying and finally coming to a turning point where wanting to overcome the negativity of this issue became the aim. A realization occurred that if the young people were more aware of their self worth and identity, they would less likely be bullied or bully. According to professor Debra Pepler  “Bullying is a conflict in which aggression is used to demonstrate power. But aggression and power are not synonyms. I don’t think we want our children to learn lessons about aggression and violence when they have power…Aggression is the wrong way to use power. There are wonderful ways to be leaders without being aggressive.” Most of the time, what surround these young people are violence and the harsh reality that the world is a cruel world to live in therefore leading them to live the same way.

Initial thoughts and ideas for “Bullying”

At first, I found myself looking at minimalism and thought it could be the effective way to get the message around. But after testing my designs within a focused group, I found that the age that my target audience are in prefer to have more color and substance in a design; therefore leading to an exploration around the area of illustration and photography.

Illustration by Raphael (

By having shapes and symbols in my design that the young people could relate to, the idea of the message would be delivered much clearly than just having typography. Color is also another important key to my design. It is the way that I use my color palettes that would set the mood and emotion of my design and the way to attract my audience.

(left) Colour palettes that express the idea of happiness and joy which attracts young people. (right) Pop art colour palette.

Experimentation on branding design.

My past projects have always chosen to take the message into an extreme negative and enforce a feeling of guilt or self-pity, but looking at the New Zealand Transportation’s advertisement “Ghost Chips” about driving drunk, which looked at the positive side of the issue, its message became more of a hit and created more impact to its target audience. This then lead to looking at campaigns that engages the community into looking at society’s problems in a positive view.

Voices of White City Campaign by John Morgan

The idea then turned into engaging the community into a positive empowerment of oneself, aiming to create personal reflection about the issue of bullying and how it affects them personally. To be able to reach and create a change, even just a little, in someone’s life through design is one of the most important things to me as a designer.

In the form of a kit, I am aiming to promote positive affirmations around high schools in Auckland. This kit would consist of a series of posters, badges, stickers and a shirt in its own packaging. This would then be linked into an existing program where the issue of bullying is being dealt with.

Sticker experimentations.

T-shirt print design trial

Poster design concepts

These artifacts would serve as a reminder to the young people that they are more than what they see themselves to be. The positive affirmation that could go around between friends, colleagues and even a whole community through graphic design could impact on the decline in numbers of bullies and those who get bullied.


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