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Paul Lafaele

The series of posters for this project is inspired by a poster designed by Xavier Barrade an intern at FOAM. The poster was designed for the new band signed to RCA records – Dry the River. Originally the new band received 10,000 views online, but with the release of the galloping horse poster (pictured right) this helped increase views to 256,000.

These Youtube clips show finished poster designs by FOAM creative Xavier Barrade and in-house craft-technologist Sophie Yeoman.

Community through the years has been growing interest for myself personally and even more so during my studies where I am learning how to create awareness and encourage interaction from the community using Graphic Design.

The area of interest within the community that the project will have a focus on will be with the local community gardens.

After a series of site visits to local community gardens, the concept of three-dimensional tactile design for a series of posters and also a publication would be used as a means of communicating to the local public. This will reflect the hands-on and hand-made aesthetics of a community garden and also hopefully giving it that organic crafty feel.

Craft skills are used to create these 3d posters with good results, this let to which eventually led to the idea of using a 3D program to help create an object. It was the idea of creating a ‘hand’ which prompted the move to the 3D program Maya. These hands would eventually hold fruits and veges.

At the moment I am playing around with color , of course many are aware of how and what color can do to influence the emotions of people so I am wanted to explore this to hopefully create the same effect in my work. Whilst on site visits, one cannot help but notice some of the beautiful vegetation and plant life which naturally display vibrant colors, so the aim is to try and reflect this through the design.

A few experiments using the object created in Maya together with light and color have resulted in some satisfactory results by projecting onto the 3d object as well as from inside the 3d object and also taking photographic images as part of the analysis process. Using these result, the project will try and take the minimal approach for the design being careful not to create something to busy, as the 3d object itself will be plenty for the viewer to take in, but also using subtle shades of color to help bring out the results I need for the project to be successful.

Crates are a common sight in community gardens for growing plants or using the wood to create other useful items, so this was one of the first concepts used to create this 3d tactile poster. (above) 

I begin experimenting with Embossing on different paper stock using the images and shape of the handcrafted objects trying to bring the 3d tactile concept into the publication. (above & below)

Design groups and artist like Draft FCD (Bond&Bond), Lo Seinto Studio, Xavier Barrade from FOAM, Ana Sorano are a few artist that have help give inspiration to the project. (above)

(above & below) These are a few images taken during site visits to the local community gardens.

First 3D objects created. (above)

Photographic images of the first completed 3D poster design. 3D typography was introduce after experimenting with printed versions of typography together with  the 3D crates and flowers.  (above)

The first 3d tactile prototypes. (above)

Using Photographing and Photoshop to play around with the 3d objects. (above)

Introducing tracing paper. (above)

3D Maya creation and projections. This part of the analysis process was to see what the object (made of tracing paper) would look like using different shades of color through projection and light to try and reflect what is seen in community gardens. (above and below).

(below) Fruits and Vegetables will be objects used for the poster designs. A light box was used to act as a bus stop advertisement to see how well color shines through colored paper stock.


About graphicdesigner: mrlafaele

A Graphic Designer with strong interests in 3D Tactile design as well as illustrations and stop motion.

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