Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

Online portfolio and print on demand catalogs for Graphic Design and Animation graduates from the Department of Design 2012. On this page you will find our conference presentations, and by hovering over the menu groups on the left you can read contextual documents. You are welcome to attend our Grad Show, opening on 29 November 2012 at 6pm, and daily from 30 November to 6 December 9.30am – 4pm.

Nick Baillie

The intention of my studio project is to produce a typeface highlighting a local cinema to an international online audience. Contextually the typeface will add to New Zealand’s small type design culture, functionally it will give designers a contemporary font that is referential to it’s local context.

The framework of my project will consist of a typeface, online shop integrated with portfolio, PDF specimen, printed specimen,  and a lighted typographic sign for public display. The historical context I want to highlight is New Zealand’s independent cinemas from the 1920s to 70s. I am focussing on Capitol Cinema in Balmoral and the typeface’s look and feel will reflect the site from my research.

A major turning point in my project was the contextualisation of the typeface. Initially I began to draw a simple ‘practice’ typeface that could help me learn about the design process and allow me some room for failure. The typeface was named ‘rigid’ and was loosely based around russian constructivism.

visual research and first sketches of ‘Rigid’

specimen posters designed to show off the way the font works

From here I knew I had to contextualise the project with a localised site and good research. I chose to investigate Capitol Cinema and began a close reading and photographic survey. I gained access to architecture plans of the building and found myself looking at lines and curves that could be directly used within the typeface.

Capitol Cinema research at the architecture and planning library

Basing the typefaces structure on aspects of the architecture

The practitioners that influence my design practice are Kris Sowersby and Jessica Hische. Sowersby is a Wellington based type designer that is thriving in New Zealand’s small type culture. His high profile work is well received internationally from magazines and online websites.

Kris Sowersby’s ‘National’ typeface

Hische is a graphic designer as well as a type designer. Her practice influences mine in the way she has adapted to designing type as well as graphic design. Hische has mastered typography further to accommodate for client and self initiated projects.

Jessica Hische’s ‘Brioche’ typeface

conceptual sketches of the latest typeface

typeface sketches and problem solving

digitizing of typeface

initial digitized lowercase

The importance of this project is learning the type design practice so I can use it to help communicate and problem solve for my audience. I want to showcase local cinema to an international audience through contemporary type design.



About nickbaillie

Nick Baillie is a graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand.

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