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Mona Barzandeh


My project in the final year of my studies has been something that was on my mind ever since I went to visit my family in Iran a few years back. It reflects the current issue that the country faces which is the lack of Iranian women’s rights in contemporary Iranian culture in the context of the global audience of males and females from above the age of 20 years.

I would like to provide information to my audience through a mixture of documentary and animation including collaged photographic elements. Whilst a small documentary won’t change the laws and regulations of the government, it will however be able to voice the opinion of the three diversely different Iranian women I have interviewed, as they speak about their lives in Iran as well as their lives in New Zealand.

Persepolis animation stills by Marjane Satrapi

When asked the question, “where are you from?” I respond with Iran, which would be considered a strange answer when my place of birth is New Zealand. What people find difficult to understand is that their hometown is not dictated by their birth place but the cultural heritage instead which represents them.

The purpose why I have chosen animation over publication design which was a turning point for me is due to the fact that I would like to challenge myself with something unfamiliar and by setting myself with a new framework strategy. The animated documentary “Why Hide When Everyone Can See” will have a higher demand towards my audience as it shows authority in a moving image media that will represent the cause on Iranian women’s rights.

Iran as depicted by the media is not about war, nuclear weapons or oil but instead it is a country with strict boundaries which limit the rights of the occupants. The title “Why Hide When Everyone Can See” was created to express why clothing in Iran should be a personal choice not something governed by the spiritual leaders. I understand that Iran is unfortunately an Islamic country where women are compelled to wear a specific garment and this law is extracted from Islam. However in light of this, the Hijab is explicitly imposed by religion on a person and expecting them to conform to the social norms within that country is not a freedom that is fair. By communicating the restrictions and the human rights between men and women; it will give the viewer a response as to what the Iranian women want to say.


There have been quite a few undergoing changes during my interviewing process. The method I conducted is to interview three women from different age groups. 1) Young adult 15-25 years, 2) Middle aged woman 26-35 years, 3) Older woman 50-60 years. Asking questions on what they think or know about the situation in Iran focussing on the women’s rights aspect. If I have permission I will film all three as a means to create my documentary and interview them in a comfortable environment (home).

Documentary Research ‘A Balloon for Allah’ by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen

My first attempt on interviewing my mother (older woman) was quite different to the way I actually wanted to accomplish, because the camera wasn’t high quality and it was also raining that day so the sound quality wasn’t exactly ideal. But it was a good experience and I am glad my mother didn’t mind being in front of the camera.

First interview attempt with Mina (My mother)

For my next attempt I wanted to have a white background so it is preferable for editing it for my animation and with a camera that has a much higher resolution. I didn’t want to use a tripod because I wanted the look and feel of the footage to be more natural. This was a turning point for me, as I wanted the people being interviewed to be more about them so that the questions that I’m asking won’t be in the video footage, only their voice.

Second interview attempt with Mina (My mother)

The second person I had to interview was my cousin Elham (middle aged woman). She struggled to tell her story as she was deciding whether or not she wanted to be in front of the camera. This was one of the issues I came across with the interviewing process.

First interview attempt with Elham (My cousin)

Both of my cousins (middle aged and younger woman) had to be recorded, this was a comfortable approach for them to face. It was quite different for me to interview the women of the various age groups, because only the youngest cousin grew up in New Zealand and it was easier for her to speak english.


The colour theme I have chosen are based on my photograph layers that have been taken before and after the revolution in Iran, as well as New Zealand in the 90’s. Throughout my animation there will be a mix between black and white images as well as these chosen colours.

Each person that I have interviewed will have their own colour and pattern palette based on their own representation, like own personality to make it more of a personal matter as they tell their stories. I have provided the “Pattern Palette 4” book as a resource for them to use because it has 950 patterns to choose from and a numerous number of colours that they think embody them.

Mina’s chosen Colours & Patterns

Experiment Mina’s Colours


I wanted to have a more traditional Iranian feel for the audience, so the musical instrument ‘tar‘ and ‘tombak‘, which are both authentic musical instruments in Iran came to mind immediately.


About monabarzandeh

I am a graphic designer and animator.

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