Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

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I Ching (Deliny) Hsiao

The project I have chose for my final year at Unitec is to investigate how self-healing design can be employed to create personal experiences that can change an individual’s perception of themselves with a focus on 14~30 year old females. This has involved an investigation into a range of animation and characters related to self-healing design so that I can establish some comparisons between them and analyze how they are designed to connect with people’s emotions.

Through research I have got a better understanding of what kind of self-healing design objects are already exist in the market, and explored various relational contexts surrounding therapeutic colours, tactile design, and sensory responses.

According to the research, humans need anthropomorphic inanimate objects and animals that to create ourselves accompanies and a commitment for spirits, which is a little bit similar to the relationship between humans and the pets.

The elements from nature are also used in design a lot to create the sense of harmony and peace. These led my decision to create a series of characters which have their specific personalities and stories and with natural elements as the background.

The framework for my project will be a series of soft toys that can be heated up in the microwave for only 3 minutes and last warm for more than 3 hours.

The soft toys are supported with a background story which based on the close and sweet friendship between Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

The seven monsters are Chubby, Timid, Spiky, Tremor, Dreamy, Lonely, Sparky.

The characters have their specific personalities and background stories. To make the product contains more interactive part and interesting elements, I use the concept of different personalities to create a psychological test.

The users can follow the story line of the test, answer the questions, and find out which character they belong to at the end of the test.

The graphic start from vector base illustration to  water colour on  texture paper as the final decision in order to relate to the sense of self-healing and create more emotional response.

Through the water colour illustrations, it creates the fairy tale atmosphere and also build up the emotional connection between the product and the user.

To promote the soft toys, the finished work will include packaging design, a website which built based on water colour illustrations, and a psychological test.


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