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Dawn Everitt

The primary function of my project is to inform the community about my youth group, the Movement. This publication will give voice to the members, because they are the ones that create the atmosphere and the environment, they are the essence and culture of the Movement. I want to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings in a way that can be productive to the Movement as a culture of young people coming together for their love of Jesus and the church and also as a place to be on Friday Nights. I want the reader to find out who is apart of the youth. Seeing faces and hearing stories that they can relate to.

The act of the publication is not only for young people to relate to, but also for the parents to know what they are letting their children attend to. Informing the parents is more for courtesy, about what their children are doing; whom they are letting speak into their lives and what they are learning is right and true.

I’m communicating with my audience through the strong use of high intensity of colour, image and text. I chose high vibrant colours such as yellow, magenta, cyan, purple; as a way to reflect the energy and excitement that the Movement Youth put into everything they do.

I’m using colour to specifically highlight faces, spaces and action. Similar to John Balderassi, Swiss Graphic Designer. Through the use of colour blocking through styles such as multiply and overlay on images, I want to highlight movement and actions; showing that the Movement are a group of high energy people and by colour blocking a strong selection of still frames, I can included the reader saying that ’This could be you’.

Colour use to highlight

Photos in the style of John Balderassi

Photographic elements are a fundamental building block to the publication as people are more likely to believe what they see, rather than what they hear. Selecting images that show a range of ethnicities and ages of youth demonstrates that the reader can relate to a range of people, that this group is for anyone.

Chyanna Te Paa - Spotlight article

As well as having high volume pages, I also have spreads that allow breathing space through the use of white space and a spot colour.

Single Spread example of colour and text relationship

What is important to me about this publication is that I have a passion for young people that want to grow with their relationship with Christ and also their character. And I strongly believe that this is what The Movement Youth can do.

Myself, as a member of The Movement, they have helped me personally to grow and become more confident, speak better and build my character to where I am today – and I want others to have that as well.


Downloadable portfolio available here


About dawneveritt

I am currently in my 3rd year at Unitec, studying Graphic Design. I have a passion for design (obviously), photography, wedding collateral and my youth group.

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