Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

Online portfolio and print on demand catalogs for Graphic Design and Animation graduates from the Department of Design 2012. On this page you will find our conference presentations, and by hovering over the menu groups on the left you can read contextual documents. You are welcome to attend our Grad Show, opening on 29 November 2012 at 6pm, and daily from 30 November to 6 December 9.30am – 4pm.

Christine Taraare

The measure of good design is to get the audience to THINK, QUESTION, LEARN and then ACT.

This year began with a review of previous work, the previous work had a understanding of sustainability within graphic design, and used these parameters to generate work. From this came an interest for sustainability and conservation and this has been the underlying idea for the project this year.

The intention of this project is to investigate how graphic design can be used to aid the design of an awareness campaign, by exploring environmental issues facing New Zealand with a focus on the Maui’s dolphins and their significance to New Zealand culture.

As a designer my preference is more towards the publication and handmade aspects of graphic design and exploring how the handmade can be applied to the digital without losing its natural feel.

The work in the current project has used print making as a starting point in exploring how graphic design can inform the communication of environmental issues.

The framework for this project will be a series of posters, using both typography and image to capture the audiences. These posters then can be adapted into a publication and a series of postcards that can be easily carried and past on, allowing for mass communication.

The work will reflect how posters are used as a form of communication and their significance in society today. Looking at the four major countries coming into New Zealand; Korean, Indian, Japanese and Chinese tourist come to New Zealand for an average stay of eight days. The project will show ways to communicate with these tourist through the use of their language as text, and imagery related to Maui’s dolphins in the hopes of raising awareness on an international level.


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