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Chelsea Matthews

The aim for my final year project is to research how graphic design can be employed in relation to design enterprise worldwide and to attain knowledge of how to facilitate awareness of a brand in New Zealand. The idea of publication is to highlight those who help to create the fashion world.

When writing my brief I was unsure of my output, however through my main research method, interviewing, it became apparent that a magazine would display my research appropriately. Key theoretical contexts of my work surround magazine design, branding, entrepreneurial ship and creative practitioners. I chose to interview the people I did based upon personal interest. They all are in the fashion industry; from designers, brand owners, fashion bloggers, illustrators and fashion photographers. These selected people are all aged between 20 and mid 30s; they are young people that are highly successful. My magazine will be highlighting how they got there and what they love about their jobs. The target audience I am aiming this at is 18 to 30 year olds, people who are interested in the fashion industry and want to hear stories about their favourite brands and how they got to where they are today.

Research on Layout Designs

Interviewing was the best method of research for me as I had connections to some of these people before the interviews; it made it a lot easier to contact them and to talk to them freely. The interview process with these selected creative practitioners was very interesting to me; I especially was interested in finding out about them from themselves, in their own words. The sort of creative practitioners I am looking at are people who shape the fashion world; entrepreneurs, designers, illustrators, photographers and bloggers. What they had to say inspired my decision to create a magazine and share the information and inspiration I got from them to readers or other young people wanting to make a name for themselves. A lot of the people that I did not know, I found through the social media site, Facebook, looking at people and brands that my close friends were also interested in. I then made contact with these people and they were all very willing to help out.

My primary turning point throughout this process has been turning my research into my content. My main research method was interview; I did this in order to attain knowledge of how these creative practitioners have branded themselves ultimately to establish my own brand. Another significant turning point would be when I first decided I wanted to brand a fashion students work. I changed this idea as it proved to be time consuming, involving a lot of travel and I would have to run all of my ideas past a client. I then decided to brand myself as a graphic designer; this left me with a lot of freedom to explore what I was interested in.

Iterations of Page Layouts

My practice lies in the context of providing a publication within the realm of fashion that places itself apart from just clothes on skinny girls. It’s more about the people; the creative practitioners in the fashion industry. I’m taking a design context to the world of fashion magazines, focussing on people who make and design the clothes, people who start up the shops. I am making a point of difference, with similarities to the content of print magazine in the way that this magazine is also dealing with the work of other people. I am not branding myself, rather using this different approach to a fashion magazine as a way to brand myself as a graphic designer. As well as the interviews, this will be a sample book of explorations to create a conversation or a workbook for perspective employers. It will show my ability to graphically brand something with a focus on typography and layout design.

At this stage I have gathered most of my content and am now making formal design decisions about the layout, what colours I will be using, an indexing system, the text and image relationship and the overall rhythm of the publication. I am trying to focus not on the content itself but how I can unify the content by the layout design. Before making these decisions I am researching magazines that I am interested in including, IdN, Eye, Pilot, Print and Threaded. Some of these magazines have been useful to determine what I do not like and others have certain elements that have caught my eye. I have decided that I want the publication to be very simple, black and white but with small aspects of colour to highlight significant people within. This will enable me to put emphasis on the creative practitioners that need to stand out.

“Street Style” photographs for final magazine.

I have also decided to have a section in the magazine called “One to Watch”. This highlights an up and comer in the fashion industry and for this issue I will be looking at a 16 year old student from Tauranga whom has already won national awards. I will also be having street style photos within.

This is not Woman’s Day; I will not be looking at Supre or Glassons. This is about the people, the creative practitioners that shape the world of fashion we live in today.

Contextual Document

About Chelsea Matthews

I am a third year graphic design student, currently living in New Zealand. My work focuses on graphic design, illustration and publication, all taking a simplistic approach. This blog is where I am actively documenting my creative thinking.

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