Graphic Design and Animation Graduates 2012

Online portfolio and print on demand catalogs for Graphic Design and Animation graduates from the Department of Design 2012. On this page you will find our conference presentations, and by hovering over the menu groups on the left you can read contextual documents. You are welcome to attend our Grad Show, opening on 29 November 2012 at 6pm, and daily from 30 November to 6 December 9.30am – 4pm.

Matt Tomkins

Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is reclaimed land and used for much of it’s time as Industrial space. Recently, it has been reclaimed once more for public and community growth on Auckland’s … Continue reading

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Eva Martin

The intention of my project is to visually express and map the Avondale community through the medium of pattern. My interest is in capturing the significance of the community drawing … Continue reading

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Luke Carrington

The underlying basis of this project is my interest in the documentation and re-contextualising of the urban environments I frequent on a regular basis. I intend to graphically examine and … Continue reading

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Asinate Moa-Tahi Kai

Tahi Kai is an online community notice board that links businesses and local people together to share food and resources to help feed hungry children, and also raise awareness around … Continue reading

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Caroline Wright

My project is based upon exploring how the concept of nostalgia can be communicated through the practice of graphic design.  My physical context is the Lake Wainamu region in the … Continue reading

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Justin Barter

Deconstructing the substance of life.   This year began with an intensive study of symbolism and how it relates to humanity both in terms of cultural development and scientific understanding. … Continue reading

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Tim Tothill

The aim of this project is to put together a guide that will give new students a grounding while they experience life away from home for the first time. The … Continue reading

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